Minimize moves, maximize efficiency.

Improve processes from the gate to the dock, wherever you are in your digital transformation journey.

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Automated workflow

The gate

Enhance site safety & security
We validate and process everything so you know who they are, why they are here, and how long they dwell.

The dock

Align capacity and demand at the dock
Our scheduling platform extends beyond TMS capabilities and brings automation to dock processes.

The yard

Drive efficiency with automation
We deliver automation that is simple to use, easy to deploy, and drives unparalleled efficiencies with no hardware or maintenance.


Businesses of all kinds understand that they must get more efficient every year to compete and there are very few ways to deploy software today that connects systems in a way that delivers near instant ROI. Renaissant does just that. This is one smart company and we’re proud to support their vision.

Pat Martin,
Founder and General Partner, Venture53

“While being thrust into an unforeseen situation with the mandated truck trip reporting WAIRE program and manually going through all paper records for each quarter to enter best estimations, we stumbled into Greg and the Renaissant Team who had the exact program we needed.”

Jared Whitefield,
General Manager, Aeronet

“It has been a complete pleasure and effortless setup working with the Renaissant team on the WAIRE program process. The online tracking portal is extremely user-friendly, provides clear images, and gives us real-time updates for our operational needs.”

Malinda Mosley,
US Transportation Supervisor, NRI

Our solutions


Requirements are expanding from SoCal across the US. We offer automated reports to fulfill all current requirements and easy reporting delivered directly to you.


Drivers idling negatively impacts efficiency and profits. Our customers experience a 50-75% reduction in idle times, reduced demurrage and detention, and an elimination of double-entry and admin work.

Site safety & security

In Q1 2024, $76M of freight theft was committed. We biometrically validate the driver, validate the carrier, and track everyone who handles assets and cargo.


With Renaissant you can quickly set your baseline and meet your sustainability goals.

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150,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse – 250 Class 8 Trips Per Day (Diesel)

WITHrenaissant logo in green
(12 months)
Dwell Time
107 min
37 min
Annual CO2
Idle Emissions*
1,476 tons
509 tons
Annual NO2
Emissions **
26 tons
9 tons
Annual Diesel
Fuel Burned***
146,456 gal
50,643 gal

We improve everything inside the fence

Renaissant, established in 2018, revolutionizes freight movement through cutting-edge technology and data solutions. We specialize in automating compliance reports, reducing idle times by 50-75%, and enhancing site safety with biometric validations and comprehensive tracking. Our innovative platform optimizes operations from the gate to the yard to the dock, driving efficiency and profitability for our clients. In addition, we help companies meet their sustainability goals by providing tools to quickly set baselines and track progress.

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