From Renaissant

Command & Control solutions to Simplify Loading Dock Operations.

Unlock significant value by doing more with less!

Production, warehouse and transportation operations all converge at the loading dock. The dock can be a source of significant operational challenges if:

  • Driver arrival data are not integrated into decision making
  • Driver’s have difficulty checking in
  • Appointment visibility is lacking and not properly optimized
  • Load preparation and operations are not synchronized with driver arrival
  • Warehouse and transportation teams experience unpredictable demands

Lean more about the Dock|C2 solution from Renaissant!

Breakthrough results are achievable!

  • Decrease detention charges & dwell times by 50%
  • Increase productivity by 30%
  • Automate scheduling and gain real-time visibility
  • Data optimization for predictive modeling
  • Free up working capital and unlock greater profitability
  • Bring WMS and TMS data to life with easy, seamless integrations
  • Deploy dynamic tasking to increase productivity

Let Dock|C2 simplify your loading dock!

Renaissant Dock|C2

Connecting truck drivers to their loads
Managing all warehouse staging workflows

Dock|C2 – Warehouse Experience:

  • Automate the driver check in process
  • Geofenced check in and real-time tracking
  • Identify and handle all driver check in exceptions
  • Eliminate illegitimate driver detention and automate detention approval
  • Automated and customized communication between drivers, transportation and production
  • Dynamic tasking for all picking, staging, QC and loading workflows

Renaissant Dock|C2

Optimize processes so that warehouses and docks can do more with fewer people.

Dock|C2 – Management Experience:

  • Process mine data to improve KPIs, operations and financial performance
  • Optimize appointment scheduling, reduce dock congestion, optimize staffing
  • Monitor, investigate and review detention in real-time across the entire organization
  • Customized workflows at an individual warehouse and aggregate data to the parent
  • Customize reporting and integrate or export all data

Renaissant Dock|C2

Digital transformation made easy.

Dock|C2 – Technology Experience

  • Defined data schema means fast, seamless integrations with any WMS, TMS or ERP
  • Elegant UI/UX minimizes training times – train hundreds of staff in under a week
  • User errors essentially non-existent, results in unparalleled data quality
  • Dynamic workflow engine allows customized workflows and rules with easy config – by location
  • 2FA security embedded throughout the platform
  • Hosted in SOC2 Type 2 certified private data centers
  • Industry leading uptime and DR