5 Ways Digital Technology Is Transforming the Transportation Industry – Part 1: Creating a Safer Workplace Through Digital Transformation

Nov 18, 2021

Ask any manufacturing executive or plant manager, and they’ll tell you one of the top concerns that keeps them up at night is safety. How can they ensure their facility maintains an ongoing record of zero on issues for as long as possible? What will it take to keep the ‘days without incident on the job’ record intact?

The answer isn’t as simple as hiring the right people. Or have the right training. Or the best systems.

No, top safety records come from all these things coming together, and start with leaders who embrace new ways to deliver.

And one way to do this is through digital transformation.

Wait what? Digital transformation in manufacturing? I mean, isn’t the job in the warehouse to get products on and off of trucks – in and out? How can that be digital?

It is.  It’s the future, and what future-thinking leaders and companies need to consider to keep safety at the top.

Through digital technology, companies are now able to deliver ways for both warehouse teams and drivers to do their job better, faster, and importantly – safer.

A primary example is contactless check-ins. Since COVID 19 hit, companies of all sizes have worked to figure out how to keep employees safe. This is very challenging in loading and unloading operations because these are generally still manual processes.

Passing paper, equipment and more, between warehouse teams and drivers, can come at the health risk of employees & drivers. One employee or driver who gets sick and comes to work and accidentally passes on germs to others can cripple a facility for days. What if you could eliminate this interaction and still drive efficient operations.

You can, thanks to digital transformation.

At Renaissant we’ve done this with DOCK|C2. Today drivers can arrive and without touching or passing a single piece of paper can be alerted when their load or door is ready, pick up or drop off, receive their bill of lading direct to their phone and be on their way, all through text messaging alerts and automation that makes the work more efficient and puts the safety of employees and drivers first.

It’s a game changer, and something more manufacturers should consider.

In our experience, safety will always be a top priority. And with a minimal investment in digital solutions, you can take safety to the next level while also showing your employees you’re adapting with the future. That’s a win for everyone.

Learn more about our solution here.

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