5 Ways Digital Technology Is Transforming the Transportation Industry – Part 3: Bring TRUE End-To-End Visibility to Your Supply Chain and Yard Operations

Jan 18, 2022

End-to-End Visibility across your supply chain and warehouse operations is becoming more critical than ever.  Many organizations have invested in “track & trace” technologies that do a good job in establishing the past and present location of goods and inventory in the supply chain, which contributes to efficiency. But wider adoption has been a challenge.

Many significant challenges still exist today including data gaps in track and trace, most notably the current lack of data integration among existing legacy WMS, YMS and TMS platforms.

These data connectivity gaps hinder the ability of companies to fully automate their yard and warehouse operations, maximize driver and staff safety in the yard environment and improve visibility and orchestration across yard assets.

To have TRUE end-to-end supply chain visibility, data must be fully integrated and operationalized so suppliers and truckers can ship and receive goods faster and safer with clear communication and line of sight every step of the way.

TRUE End-To-End Visibility.

In today’s business environment, visibility is crucial for success. Yet it is often overlooked. Only the Renaissant C2 platform provides business intelligence and TRUE real time visibility across all existing supply chain data platforms and assets, enabling you and your staff to operate a safer, faster, more communicative, efficient and predictable freight operation.

C2 connects and sits on top of all your platforms and integrates real time and legacy data systems together to track, predict and direct the flow of all your assets in the supply chain, including your people in the yard and warehouse.

C2 creates customized workflows for all your yard operations and automates many tasks. For example, our contactless check-in feature eliminates paper transactions for drivers through the use of kiosks or QR codes and can be translated into any foreign language.

Our Command Center dashboard provides real time visibility and predictive analytics for all yard operations and can be customized and used by yard and warehouse managers, staff and even front office receptionists to provide valuable real-time information to carriers, customers, suppliers and partners. The platform is eBOL ready so you can transition to a fully digital yard environment over time and at your own pace, enhancing the driver experience.

We’re the “brains of the loading dock, yard and warehouse environment,” allowing teams across the organization to better think about how operations run today and what could be made better tomorrow.

We’ve helped dozens of organizations already connect their systems and provide TRUE visibility, often resulting in comments like “I’ve never seen this before. This is huge.”

Let us help you find true visibility.

Learn more about our solutions here.

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