5 Ways Digital Technology Is Transforming the Transportation Industry – Part 2: Bringing Contactless Solutions to Freight Operations to Improve Employee and Vendor Safety and Efficiency

Dec 15, 2021

Contactless solutions with contactless operations

Since February 2020, the world has changed dramatically across all sectors. COVID-19 has forced companies and institutions to rethink every aspect of their operations.

From how to get employees vaccinated to comply with state and federal requirements to PPE requirements and more, COVID has changed how things are done.

And in the manufacturing and distribution center industries, it’s been a long time coming.

The average distribution center or loading dock where trucks pick up loads of products – from produce to supplies to pharmaceutical products to steel – all require multiple partners to connect to ensure products get out. And to do so, one thing is normally required across all locations – connections.

So how can facilities improve their efficiencies while putting employee and vendor safety first?

Enter contactless solutions with contactless operations, a transformation in many locations bringing a new way of doing business.

A Long Time Coming But Needed

So what does this look like? Well first, you need to look at what it’s like in most loading docks.

It’s not uncommon at any facility to find arguably archaic ways that business gets done.

How do drivers know their load is ready to get picked up? Maybe they get an email or a phone call, or maybe they show up and just sit for an hour until the load is ready. Maybe they are handed a pager while they go get coffee and wait.

Not very productive. But unfortunately, it is very common.

Most facilities also have multiple systems all converging in the loading dock area – from a warehouse management system (WMS) that tracks how loads are packed and prepped in the warehouse to tracking and accounting systems that print out bills of lading and are handed to drivers.

Each of these require warehouse staff to be in contact with the paperwork and then the drivers, creating bottlenecks, lack of reporting and safety red flags.

It’s time for a better way. If you can order your lunch from a QR code that’s delivered to your home in a swipe of a phone, why can’t this same technology transform warehouse operations?

Simply put, you need to move more freight faster and safer through Digital Transformation.

We’ve created the freight management industry’s first truly digital transformational product, designed to help eliminate these bottlenecks and drive data-driven results that make everything better.

Our C2 intelligence platform provides real-time visibility and enhanced communications connecting your warehouse, yard, drivers and carriers to safely enable faster freight ops.

We’re not a WMS. We’re not a truck tracking system. But we connect these and other points of data together, creating a dashboard with real time results that help plant managers more effectively run their operations, helps trucking companies better manage when drivers should show up and improve delivery times, and ultimately helps executive teams see efficiencies that positively impact their bottom lines through faster, more efficient teams.

We’ve built the platform based on the needs of customers in this space who needed a new way of doing work. And we’ve created immediate impact.

Plus, we’ve found a way to create a new touchless standard in the freight management experience that in today’s new workforce dynamic helps employers bring one more benefit to their employees and customers. C2 meets the Consumer Business Association’s pickup & delivery standards, enables eBOL, translates instructions into any foreign language, and leverages human interactions for predictive modeling.

Bills of lading are now automated and sent by text or email once an order is picked up and the truck leads the yard.

Drivers can now receive a text with an estimated time when the load is ready. Then when it’s ready, another text indicating the dock and who to meet.

Then once the load is secured on the truck and pushed out, another message confirming order is complete. And finally when the order arrives at its next destination, another message to both the shipping company and the receiving company.

All this connected from a platform that provides unmatched visibility for everyone in the supply chain.

C2 by Renaissant is the Contactless Operations Command Center connecting your warehouse, yard, drivers and carriers to safely enable faster freight ops. And it’s changing the way work is done, which is long overdue.

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