Enable faster and safer freight operations
with C2-Contactless.

Maximize driver’s hours of service and minimize the risk of COVID-19 plant closures.

C2-Contactless sets the industry standard for contactless operations of freight.

Contactless Operations Provide Valuable Benefits To The Entire Chain: Shippers, 3PLs, Carriers and Retailers

  • Minimize physical interactions between employees and drivers
  • Maximize driver’s hours of service – get in, get out, get on the road
  • Eliminate physical exchange of paperwork
  • Reduce driver time spent on paperwork
  • Provide full visibility across the chain
  • Enable back office teams to work remotely when necessary
  • Digitize all documents and convert to automated workflow
contactless freight operations and management solutions by Renaissant - image of truck driving loading bed

Revolutionary eBOL Solutions. Don’t Just Take Pictures of Documents – Fully Digitize and Incorporate Into Workflow

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  • Capture driver signatures with all contactless sign-in modes
  • Fully integrated WMS & TMS data allows instant eBOL generation
  • Signatures appended to eBOL
  • Automated delivery to driver, carrier and customer
  • No more driver queues to pick up or complete paperwork
  • No more language barriers

No Driver App Necessary