Evans Transportation Teams Up With Renaissant: With Proprietary Platform, Both Companies Aim to Speed Up Loading Docks and Warehouses Across America

Mar 29, 2022

Delafield, Wis., March 29, 2022 – Officials for Evans Transportation Services Inc. (Evans) announced today a new partnership with Milwaukee-based Renaissant Inc. As a full-service, third-party provider of custom logistics solutions for North American shippers, Evans’ end-to-end transportation management systems now include Renaissant’s proprietary platform, a technology designed to support and drive efficiencies throughout the supply chain. While providing value-added services and additional efficiencies for Evans’ customers, officials for Renaissant say they expect the partnership to grow and add strength to their offerings and customer base.

By focusing on ground-level activities across yard management, driver management, warehousing, and transportation operations, Renaissant’s platform provides managers real-time, 360-degree data, while allowing warehouse staff and delivery drivers to communicate via mobile-friendly, multi-lingual formats. The system integrates with leading ERP platforms, including Oracle, SAP and Epicor, or custom in-house solutions, providing IT professionals flexibility, easy configuration, and real-time visibility into integrations and logs.

With Renaissant’s platform, officials say Evans’ customers will enjoy faster and safer turn times, reduced dwell times and detention charges, along with real-time visibility, tracking and accounting of yard assets.

“Dwell time is a big component in our world. The more you create, the less you become a shipper of choice,” says Ryan Keepman, CEO of Evans. “In our quest to make our customers as efficient and reliable as possible, we’ve shopped every possible system for yard and driver management over the years, even making several attempts to build our own. When we discovered Renaissant, we knew this was something we had to be part of and make part of the Evans platform to further execute on the Evans Experience.”

While most manufacturers and distribution centers continue to rely on manual and paper-driven driver check-in processes, Renaissant digitizes driver and yard management to make it seamless, while also adding an additional layer of security. As a result, transport drivers are automatically routed directly to the point of pickup or drop-off.

“Evans is the market leader in third-party custom logistics. By making Renaissant part of the info provided through the Evans Integration Hub, we’re making the best even better,” says Tom Dean, president and CEO of Renaissant. “As a result, operations that typically take as much as an hour and a half, or more, can be reduced to just 15 minutes.”

About Evans Transportation Services Inc.

Evans Transportation Services Inc. is a full-service, third-party provider of custom logistics solutions for North American shippers. Founded in 1985, the company reinvented itself in 2018 through complete digital transformation, debuting proprietary, best-in-class and completely configurable technology. Equipped with exclusive carrier contracts, true transparency, and time- and cost-saving optimizations, the company’s end-to-end transportation management systems are backed by a dedicated team with decades of experience.

About Renaissant

With decades of experience in global commodities, industrials, workforce management and data science industries, Renaissant provides digital tools for driving efficiencies throughout the supply chain. The Milwaukee-based company’s proprietary platform is revolutionizing driver and yard management and operations by speeding up shipping, receiving, and warehousing, through organization of full 360-degree control tower data and real-time, multi-lingual communication between drivers, yards and warehouses. Learn more at renaissant.com.

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