Experiences matter. Successful institutions need to provide an environment experience that makes its community safe, and makes people want to be there. Renaissant provides the technical experiences that empower all people in the community to make their contribution to an institutions physical environment.

Human Experiences

Communities are comprised of many different stakeholders, and the stakeholders are different for each institution. Stakeholders can be categorized as individuals and members of groups. Renaissant’s Empowerment Palette enables institutions to create experiences for individual, role-based groups, and entire institutional communities. This leads to a highly personalized environment that is safe, friendly and inviting.

Facilities Experience

Safe and efficient facilities management requires specific information. The Renaissant Empowerment Palette enables institutions to access detailed facility level information on building occupants that until recently has not been available. This information increases security, efficiency and overall value.

Communications Experience

Great environments require smart information sharing. Information overload creates inefficient communications. Renaissant’s solutions provide the information people need when they need it to spur action. This is the foundation of Actioneering, using Augmented Intelligence to provide only the information each user or role needs to be directed to the right action at the right time.