Your business has many operational processes and procedures – Renaissant knows these as workflows.

The Renaissant platform is built on three powerful and smart workflow engines. These engines are designed to be flexible and adjust to changing conditions.

Operations Workflows Real-Time Location Workflows Event Response Workflows

Operations Workflows

The people in your community are connected in many ways. Renaissant’s Operational Workflow engine identifies, validates, credentials and connects all people in your buildings.

Assign unique credentials, expedite access, communicate with anyone, or restrict entry to individuals across your global facilities – everything is possible with Renaissant’s Operational Workflows.

Contact Trace:
Quickly identify people who have tested positive for COVID-19, or had close contact with a positive or quarantining person.

Identify, screen, validate and classify all visitors. Pre-screen for COVID-19, print ID and maintain records.

Automate check-in. Monitor time, certificates of insurance, work-orders and more. Track keys and assets.

Automate absence reporting, empower students, quickly quantify time in and out of the classroom.

Quickly reconcile everyone in an emergency. Reunite students and employees with authorized persons.

Report, locate and record all medical issues. Track emergencies, illness and injuries. Create and retain after incident reports with photos and video.

Real-Time Location Workflows

The two most important questions in an emergency are also the cornerstone of the Real-Time Location Workflows: 1) how many people are in the building, and 2) where are they? This same information is also used to automate operations. The RTLS workflows operate with camera systems, microphones and other environmental sensors to bring users real-time, actionable information.

Social Distancing:
Automate social distancing. Define each room’s occupancy. Alert personnel when above threshold

Know in real-time how many people are in your facilities, where they are, and how long they have been there.

Automatically detect gunfire and engage response workflows. Save valuable minutes over dialing 911. Saving time = saving lives.

Automatically detect vaping in your buildings. Alert appropriate security personnel.

Space Utilization:
Monitor and optimize space utilization to improve safety and the economical use of space.

Provide janitorial services cleaning reports prioritizing cleaning areas and avoiding unused space. Save time and money.

Event Response Workflows

Automate response and communication to internal security and administrative personnel – and directly to police and other first responders.

Active Shooter:
Bring active shooter response to life. Automate gunfire detection and active shooter workflows that are consistent with ALICE training. Provide the immediate information people need to respond.

Crisis Command and Control:
Monitor and manage emergency events in real time. Events are monitored on and off site to ensure consistent information sharing and active engagement. Command and Control can be directly shared with first responders.

Standard Response Protocols:
Lockdown, Secure, Hold and Shelter in Place are the cornerstone SRP. These powerful emergency protocols create a standard response template to any emergency.

Emergency Notifications::
Send emergency text and email notifications to any people in your facilities or in your community.