The Renaissant Platform

Command and Control (C2) solutions to simplify operations

The Renaissant Platform

The Renaissant Platform provides the Command and Control (C2) capabilities to manage all your physical workflows.

The Renaissant xRM Platform creates a welcoming and intuitive experience for all users. The Platform is unique because its users are not only our customers’ power-users, but also warehouse staff, truck drivers, contractors and visitors. The hallmark of the ephemeral transaction is that it engages many different users at different points in time and for different reasons. To do this successfully, the Renaissant Platform has been designed from the ground up to create a smooth, interactive experience that enhances all its tasked user environments.

Renaissant Dock C2

Connecting truck drivers to their loads and managing all warehouse staging workflows.

Customers using the Dock C2 receive the following value:

Check-in all truck drivers, matching them with loads or appointments. The check-in workflows lead to faster truck queues, automated communications, optimized warehouse and dock scheduling, and complete chain of custody tracking.

Dock C2 organizes all load scheduling information into an easily accessible, mobile dashboard – allowing your warehouse and transportation teams to focus on serving your customers quickly and efficiently.

Dock C2 consolidates and simplifies access to all necessary information in your WMS, TMS, and other systems – making it actionable.

Dock C2 delivers all the benefits of modern mobile, and synchronized communications and data analytics – all without changing your TMS or WMS.

Scheduling is hard, often inefficient, and a source of significant cost overruns. How many dock doors should you schedule? How many warehouse staff do you need on each shift? These are optimization questions that Dock C2 can answer.

Dock C2 provides a terrific experience for all drivers, schedulers, staging, QC and teams working to ship your goods more quickly and efficiently.

Renaissant Dock C2 Benefits

Reduce or eliminate detention costs

Improve carrier rating to lower freight rates

Automate load scheduling and communication

Increase worker productivity by eliminating paper-based process

Contractor C2

Managing and connecting third party contractors.

Contractor C2 organizes all third-party contractor information into an easily accessible dashboard.

Onboard carriers and ensure compliance with any insurance or other special requirements.

Automate insurance requirements and work orders for internal approval and tracking, reducing administrative burdens on internal teams, and freeing up valuable time.

The Contractor C2 check-in process tracks the exact time contractors are on-site, allowing for automated invoice approvals. Contractor C2 mitigates workers compensation risks.

Contractor C2 automates, captures and manages the ephemeral transactions that are critical to the success of your business. The Platform provides a terrific contractor and manager experiences, simplifying the complex process of contractor management.

Renaissant Dock C2 Benefits

Automate Work Order Origination – reducing emails, phone calls and uncertainty

Capture the exact time Contractors are on your premises – audit time based invoice

Automate Certificate of Insurance management – no more paper

Reduce exposure to worker’s comp claim

Visitor C2

Identify, screen, validate and classify all visitors.

Visitor C2 enables you to create a screening process for everyone entering your premises. New visitors and repeat visitors experience a streamlined process to check in/out.

Visitor C2 makes appointment scheduling and validation a breeze by easily working with Outlook, Gmail, and any email-based calendaring Platform. Visitors receive friendly reminders that include credentials for entering premises.

COVID-19 screening can easily be integrated into the check in process. Customized alerts ensure your team is aware of new visitors.