CPU Scheduling

Use Case: CPU Scheduling

Customer Type

Customer types include large equipment manufacturers and 3PLs with customer pickups (CPUs) for orders

Current Situation

The current situation entails 1) a manual and disjointed warehouse pickup appointment scheduling processes and 2) a lack of visibility and control over the appointment calendar

Resulting Problems

  • Significant administrative time wasted coordinating schedules

  • Overscheduling of appointments hurting warehouse capacity

  • Missed appointments

  • Slow revenue recognition of inventory turnover

  • Inconsistent & frustrating driver and employee experience

  • Load staging inefficiencies

  • Suboptimal throughput

  • Double Booking and Load Board Theft

  • “Frozen” Inventory waiting for long periods of time for pick-up

header image for news post on Renaissant - chart or data points over semi truck bay
header image for news post on Renaissant - chart or data points over semi truck bay

Renaissant Solution

Renaissant automates and simplifies CPU scheduling by integrating into existing manufacturer WMS platforms and 3PL/carrier TMS platforms to communicate when a load is ready to dispatch.

Key Benefits

  • Warehouse takes control of its scheduling

  • Warehouse defines capacity by hour, shift, day, etc.

  • Full visibility for 3PL, customer administration, consignee

  • Consignee can access Renaissant to build and schedule all trips

  • Build and track trips (multiple orders on one trip, engineering documents

  • Enable all dock management activities

See tangible results:
reduced driver dwell time, reduced load staging time and faster revenue recognition and inventory turnover.

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