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Connecting your people and data on the ground.

Seamless, real time communication between drivers, yard & warehouse.

Learn More About “The Magic Triangle”

  • Turning Trucks Faster & Safer
  • Reducing Dwell Time & Detention Charges
  • Foreign Language Translation of Driver to Warehouse Conversations
  • Real Time Visibility & Tracking of all Yard Assets

Take the Next Step: Explore Service Packages with Renaissant

Custom workflows for shipping, receiving & yard.

Orchestrate & automate driver, yard & warehouse.

With Renaissant’s Driver Management and Yard Management packages, there’s no IT system implementation required! We need only a spreadsheet to maximize and extend the power of your existing data.

Renaissant’s Full Enterprise package extends the life and utility of your existing WMS/TMS/ERP systems.

Freight Operations are the Nexus of the Warehouse, Freight/Truck Yard and Transportation

The global logistics chain is plagued by problems and inefficiencies.  The problems are global and oftentimes out of the control of management teams.

There is one link in the chain that Companies fully control – their local freight ops.  Shipping and receiving at plants, DCs and intermodal facilities is often a source of significant time loss due to inefficient truck, yard and warehouse management.

C2 solves the root causes of these problems – and delivers significant value.

Learn more about faster freight with C2!

picture of a man with a clipboard by a freight truck for example of supply chain execution technology and hyperautomation

Simple Solution to Supply Chain Problems:  Faster Shipping and Receiving

picture of two people writing on paper and typing on a laptop with hyperautomation

C2 is revolutionizing freight management and operations by speeding up shipping and receiving with three keys to success:

  1. Organization – organize all data in one place
  2. Visibility – full 360 degree control tower visibility
  3. Communication – what you need, when you need in any language

Operations that take 1.5 hours can be shortened to 15 minutes with C2.  Learn how now!

C2 Delivers

Unparalleled Speed To Value – Payback Periods Measured in Months

C2 – Delivering Significant Value:

  1. Operations that used to take 1.5 hours now take 15 minutes
  2. Safe contactless interactions between drivers, yards and warehouses
  3. Signed eBOL electronically delivered to drivers – NO APP REQUIRED
  4. Driver, warehouse and yard communications translated into any language

Customers can realize 7-figure value within months of implementation.

picture of a construction worker shaking another worker's hand in Yard Control Tower Solution example and hyperautomation


The Complete User Experience

picture of a hand tapping a virtual icon with skyscrapers in the background for supply chain execution technology hyperautomation and freight management

C2 – User Experience:

C2 is specifically designed with different user experiences.  Managers, warehouse employees, drivers and IT all interact with an experience designed to maximize productivity, minimizes headaches and improve happiness.

  • Managers are immersed in a real-time 360-degree dashboard.
  • Warehouse staff interact with mobile friendly tools that are easy and improve employee satisfaction.
  • Drivers are engaged with a welcoming experience that alleviates problems.
  • IT teams have real time visibility to integrations and access to log files.


Reduce Risk and Uncertainty With Digital Transformation Made Easy

C2 – Proven Process for Amazing Technology Experience

  • Open API architecture
  • Easy, fast, seamless integrations with any WMS, TMS or ERP
  • Elegant UI/UX – train hundreds of staff in under a week
  • User errors essentially non-existent, unparalleled data quality
  • Dynamic workflow engine with easy config
  • 2FA security embedded throughout the platform
  • Hosted in SOC2 Type 2 certified private data centers
  • Industry leading uptime and DR
picture of a laptop with coworkers in the background showcasing Renaissant's supply chain execution technology - milwaukee start-up news post and hyperautomation